June 25, 2018

Power Shopper

Cheryl Lampard, founder of Style Matters International, finds great buys, discusses the latest styles and answers your questions

March 2012


More Dash Than Cash

Some of Cheryl Lampard's recent consignment finds. One of the first things I do before taking a trip to another city is to check out the shopping opportunities. More specifically, I find out where the best consignment stores are located. Some of my favorite pieces have been purchased from resale stores, and I’ve picked-up some real beauties, including a cashmere coat by Chanel, an Oscar de la Renta suit and blouse, and a Carolina Herrera silk pantsuit.   Unlike a regular retail outlet, the inventory in a consignment store is heavily reliant on what clients bring in. The owner won’t necessarily know when new stock is arriving until it literally comes through the front door, so searching for that fabulous find can be somewhat hit and miss. In some (rare) instances, you...

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Do You Care About Your Clothes?

Although we take time and spend money finding clothes we love, we don’t always care for them the way we should. If we look after our clothes they’ll love us back by looking good and lasting. The first thing to consider is your lifestyle: If you only want low-maintenance clothes, it’s vital to look at the labels before you buy so you can select easy care garments that you can launder at home.   Even if your garments can be laundered, you may neither have the time nor inclination to do it yourself. Dry cleaners do also offer services such as laundering (looking after everything from sheets to shirts), alterations and specialist cleaning for wedding dresses and special occasion wear.     To help your dry cleaner bring out the best in your clothes, here are some...

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Custom threads for a well-tailored man

If I were to shout “Let’s go shopping!” in a room full of people, I can confidently state that most of the women would shriek with glee and I’d be knocked over in the rush to get to the nearest point of retail relief. In contrast, most of the men would elicit a dull groan and do their best to slip unseen out of the emergency exits. Gentlemen, help is at hand: if you despair of shopping because you can’t find things to fit you, that suit you, or simply that your choices are limited, custom clothing may be what you’ve been looking for.  With customized clothing, your choices increase enormously.Your garment is tailored to fit your body and proportions, and the fun part is that you choose the colors, the type of fabric and many other details even down to the buttons. ...

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