March 28, 2015

Power Shopper

Cheryl Lampard, founder of Style Matters International, finds great buys, discusses the latest styles and answers your questions


Bags of Style

Do you regard the bags in your closet as more than just accessories? I’ve always felt that bags, just like jewelry, become part of our identity. We can express the different sides of our personalities with different bags—without changing our entire outfit. If you’re required to wear a uniform or comply with a specific dress code, your bag becomes an even more important statement with which to express your style.   I recently came across a collection of handmade bags crafted by an artist who takes a sculptural approach to her designs to bring out the natural beauty of the materials she uses. “For me it is more about form and spirit of design,” says Barbara Snyderman, the Fort Myers-based bag and jewelry designer. She combines materials such as butter-soft leathers...

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Stylish Suitcases

It’s said that it’s better to travel hopefully than to arrive. Personally, I like to do both but if, like me, you’d do anything to avoid the packing part of the process, then some encouragement in the form of a snappy new suitcase might help. Another reason to think about some new luggage is size and weight: If you’re still toting around suitcases from “back in the day,” they may well be bigger than airlines now allow in the cabins, and considerably heavier than current cases, reducing already pared-down baggage allowances still further. If you’ve ever stood at a luggage carousel after a long flight watching an endless stream of identical bags circling around for what seems like days or, far worse, had your identical bag mistakenly taken home by another...

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Marvelous Mother's Day Gifts

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. While mothers the world over are undoubtedly thrilled to receive hand-made cards and gifts created by their young offspring (although maybe not a sandwich filled with colorful hard candy—sorry for that, Mom), if you’re buying a gift, often the nicest gifts are those that your mom wouldn’t buy herself.  An item of jewelry is not only a lasting way of saying “thank you,” it conveys emotion and creates a personal connection between the giver and receiver. A particularly suitable choice for Mother’s Day, mother of pearl jewelry satisfies both traditional and modern tastes, and the luster of the gemstone is flattering for every skin tone.  For moms who’ve already headed home northwards, a pendant or charm in the form of a...

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Joyful Jeans

Last month the Duchess of Cambridge visited London’s Olympic Park to play a little field hockey with the British Hockey Team. Dressed in Team GB’s colors, the item of most fashion interest was her skin-tight red jeans and ever since she hoisted her hockey stick, colored jeans have been flying off the shelves on both sides of The Pond. I’m glad to see the trend shows no sign of abating as it’s a perfect way of freshening up your jeans wardrobe for spring and summer. In a kaleidoscope of colors, from pretty pastels to vibrant brights, there’s a pair to suit every color palette. If you’re not used to wearing color on your bottom half, team it with a neutral on your top half to ease yourself into the look. For the fearless amongst you, try color blocking solid...

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Entrenched in Spring

Here in Southwest Florida, the joys of spring also include April showers. And as I mentioned in a previous blog, when it rains here, it really rains! Overcast skies and rainy days need cheering up with a blast of color—why add to the gray with dark-colored outerwear? A classic choice is the trench coat or jacket. This time around there are some great color options including cobalt blue (one of this season’s favorite trends) and citrus bright Tangerine Tango, Pantone’s Color of the Year! A lightweight spring jacket is a useful addition to any wardrobe, whether to protect against the elements or simply as a stylish option when another layer is required. If you prefer a jacket that’s less coat-like, go for one that does double duty and can be worn indoors—handy in...

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